The Davison Company, Inc. 

heavy truck parts marketing

                  Representing Quality Manufacturers For Over 60 Years                                         

   The Davison Company, Inc. has been in business since   
   1947 and covers the eight Southeastern states.  Our              office and 7,000 square foot warehouse are located 25         
 miles north of Atlanta, GA, just off I-75.  Our six full              time sales professionals have a total of 170 years of
   experience in the heavy duty industry.  They have 
   developed very close relationships with the key
   distributors, OEMs, truck dealers, and fleets in our

   Our sales people are highly motivated and technically oriented.  Our sales "techs" make regular fleet service calls, conduct product training classes, and make direct mailings to the fleets from their databases.  In addition, our Florida offices have many years of experience dealing with major exporters, freight forwarders, and custom brokers. 

The Davison Company is a member of the following industry organizations.




We are proud to announce that the Davison Company now represents Johnsen's of Technical Chemical Company.  Johnsen's is one of the leading manufacturers of chemicals for the automotive and trucking industries and supplies products to such retailers as Walmart, Auto Zone, O'Reilly, Sears, and many others.



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